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Stainless Steel Vents

PRODUCT: Louver Vent

ITEM ID: VLS/VLG, (previously SUM-100)

Through Wall or Soffit Vents designed to last as long as the building. Made from premium quality stainless with all stainless mount screws and all with sealing gaskets. Packed in individual blister packs and retail merchandiser boxes.

VLG4X2 4" 10.84 Galvanized
VLG6X2 6" 16.26 Galvanized
VLS4X2 4" 10.84 Stainless Steel
VLS6X2 6" 16.26 Stainless Steel

MATERIALS: 304 Grade Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, Stainless Mounting Screws, Ember Proof Mesh, Sealing Gaskets.

BEST PRACTICE INSTALLATION: Vent is supplied with mounting screws and includes mounting gasket where needed. If additional sealant is desired, use a superior quality exterior approved product. Mount using screws provided to wood, cement siding, or other surfaces. In brick or masonry walls it will be necessary to pre-drill for the screws. Always remember to inspect and remove any accumulated debris/lint at regular periods, but not less than twice a year. If vent is supplied with strippable film covering, remove film after final painting of surrounding surface and before use of appliance being vented.

NOTE: Other pipe sizes are available for order. Galvanized primed steel vents are available for order.