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J Flashing

PRODUCT: J Flashing

ITEM ID: JMF5168*, JMF388, JMF128, JMF588*, JMF348*, JMF788

Covers the top edge of siding at the soffit or intersections and at door and window openings. Isolates the edges of trim or siding from the mortar or masonry. Vertical use only in open areas. Can be used in horizontal areas where moisture and rain is not a factor.

*Hem Available upon request with primed.
*All standard colors with hem.


MATERIALS: Primed: .019" ± .003 Galvanized steel with proprietary coating that protects against harsh weather conditions and allows for paint adhesion. Color Matched: .019 ± .003 Aluminum sheet coated 2 sides with paint system that is specifically formulated for exterior applications. Available in most popular Siding and Soffit colors. Specify color code using Color Palette on page 6. 8' Length Standard. All dimensions are nominal. Hem available for special request.