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PRODUCT: TamlynShield

ITEM ID: TamlynShield Silver, TamlynShield Gold, TamlynShield Titanium

TamlynShield® is a structural, fire, and water management system - a MgO panel with a factory-attached WRB (TamlynWrap ProSelect Self-Adhered)

TamlynShield® Silver (MgO with WRB)
TamlynShield® Gold (MgO with WRB and insulation layer)
TamlynShield® Titanium (2 layers of MgO with insulation layer between)

TamlynShield® (MgO) is a CCRR-0457 Certified Non-Combustible, Structural Sheathing panel suitable for interior and exterior applications. It is a patented, fire-resistant, water-resistant, high-impact construction panel that is well-suited for wall, ceiling, flooring underlayment and exterior sheathing applications.

With its mold-resistant, fire-rated, water-resistant, and high-impact properties, it should be used whenever there is a high value placed on a building’s contents and equipment or when health and safety are part of the design criteria.

Use it wherever a fireproof, mold-free, fungus-free, high-impact surface is needed. The board handles and finishes like drywall, and is the ideal surface for residential and commercial exteriors.

PRODUCT COMPOSITION: Tamlyn MgO – Magnesium Oxide (SO4) Panel - a cementitious material for use as an alternative to plaster or gypsum based substrates. Its benefits are fire resistance, structural performance, decay resistance, and ease of use. Tamlyn MgO meets or exceeds ICC ES AC386 and AC376 criteria. The MgO matrix is reinforced by layers of fiberglass mesh for added strength and durability. Doesn’t decay under exposure to moisture like wood and gypsum based products do. The boards are water resistant and will not swell, deform or breakdown like other sheathing products. The integrated water resistive barrier layer adds a layer of protection that helps prevent moisture intrusion into the building. Tamlyn MgO panels use advanced MgSO4 chemistry for added durability and reduced chemical interactions. The panels are Chloride free therefore protect steel and other metal components from oxidation and corrosion. It may be used with both wood and metal framing.