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PVC Product Painting Guide

TAMLYN PVC product may be painted to achieve a custom color.

Use a light color, 100% acrylic latex paint with a light reflective value (LRV) equal to or greater than 55 (Flat Black=0, pure white=100). Painting PVC trim with dark colors may cause the product to warp. TAMLYN does not recommend painting our PVC products with dark colors unless a good quality heat reflective paint is used such as Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe™, and that it is applied according to the paint manufacturer’s recommended application instructions.

If a dark color (LRV value of 50 or lower/darker) paint is used, excess solar heat may be absorbed, subjecting the PVC to warping and distortion due to extremes of thermal expansion and contraction. This reaction is even more evident when these parts are exposed to direct sunlight in hot climates. Paint adhesion loss, blistering and peeling may also result.

Failure to use heat reflective dark color paints on Tamlyn PVC product will void warranty and Tamlyn will not be responsible for repair or replacement of any resulting damage due to distortion, warping, buckling, shrinkage, paint blistering, or peeling of paint on the PVC product, or repair or replacement of related siding, soffit, or trim products.

Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations to apply.

Be sure the TAMLYN PVC product surface to be painted is clean, dry, and free of dirt, loose or peeling paint, mildew, chalk, grease and any other surface contaminants before paint application.

Note re flammability: PVC product will not support or spread flames. They are selfextinguishing as soon as the flame source is removed.

WARNING: Use light or pastel paint colors only on Tamlyn PVC or Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe™ Paint. Use of dark color paint will cause deformation. Tamlyn vinyl products are not warranted if painted with dark color paint.