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About XtremeTrim

Tamlyn continues to lead the way in selection and choice for trims to compliment siding panels and planks of all types.

While Tamlyn has consistently been the leader in creating and developing choices for fiber cement sidings, we did not stop there. Tamlyn has made it possible to aesthetically trim almost any type of siding panel or plank product with our wide range of depth options. And we have provided these in choices of primed, clear anodized, specialty anodized, or color matched to satisfy whatever the project requires.

XtremeTrim® has thousands of design and color options, allowing architects and users to dramatically improve their building aesthetics and create modern architectural lines preferred by millennials. Sustainable, durable, non-combustible, lightweight, easy to use, for exterior use.

Tamlyn has our own team of architects in-house to aid and assist the process of selecting and assuring the correct profile for the specific application or desired aesthetic effect. But Tamlyn does not stop there in the selection and leadership process. Tamlyn has the ability and materials in house to provide appropriate non-extruded fabrication from sheet stock of almost any shape or profile that may be needed on the project.

And going even further, Tamlyn has for years been a leader in ventilation options and selections to improve structure longevity and quality. As a leading participant in building science innovation, Tamlyn also brings to market the industry's leading value in drainable and Water Resistive Barrier wrap systems.

Tamlyn XtremeTrim® panel siding products are not part of an EIFS system and not designed or intended to be used in an EIFS or similar system.

XtremeTrim® is typically made from 75-100% post industrial and post consumer scrap. Extremely durable, outlasting caulk by generations a "green" installation process, saving some cutting and ripping of siding materials, and a "green" item, made from recycled aluminum.

History of PVC Trim

Tamlyn developed and manufactured PVC reveal trim profiles to use with fiber cement siding and soffits. But through learned experiences and public demand began converting its profiles into more durable materials. The reason: PVC will not work with dark colors. Architects, contractors and developers have begun using dark colors for most of their projects. These changes leave the 100% vinyl trim susceptible to swelling and buckling when exposed to DIRECT sunlight.

Mill Galvanized and Aluminum Flashing

The use of bare Galvanized Steel and Aluminum Flashing in direct contact with most claddings will increase chances of a chemical reaction, causing wear and break down on both products.

The Solution

XtremeTrim® gives protection against the chemical reaction AND offers the strength of a rigid metal to prevent swelling and buckling.

Why Tamlyn?

TAMLYN is committed to creating the Best Practices application of siding and Tamlyn accessories.