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XtremeTrim® (extruded aluminum trim) profiles are available to match multiple panel siding systems. XtremeTrim® has thousands of design and color options, allowing architects and users to dramatically improve their building aesthetics and create modern architectural lines.

Vertical Reveals

Designed to create a uniform, aesthetically consistent vertical reveal between panel or lap siding.

Benefits: Design creates a broad vertical accent between siding panels while not protruding beyond the plane of the facade.

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Horizontal Reveals

Provides clean and consistent horizontal transition between panels. True size designed as an independent profiles.

Benefits: Superior choice for use in mixed material applications. Gives a solid appearance and a versatile corner application that can be used with any vertical profiles.

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Outside Corners

Unique design creates an aesthetically attractive corner look, for a strong durable outside corner with vertical siding panels.

Benefits:Very popular face sizes which offer a clean outside corner for vertical siding panels or lap siding. Works well with all vertical options.

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Inside Corners

Provides a clean, open Inside corner which compliments the Vertical Reveal System.

Benefits: Provides a clean, open Inside corner which compliments the Vertical Reveal System.

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Transition Corners

Provides a smooth transition from vertical siding panels to lap siding.

Benefits: Design authentically duplicates the look of a wood corner piece without the maintenance headaches. Eliminates wood inside corner piece that will split/rot over time.

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Soffit Transition Trims

Design for facade / soffit transition with an appearance complementary to the Vertical Reveal.

Benefits: Designed to work as a system component with Tamlyn vinyl soffit vent products and most soffit panel materials.

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New Corner Profiles

Corresponds in face sizes to 90° standard low profile corners. Works well with all vertical options.

Benefits: Works well with all vertical options. Will be available for 5/16" vertical siding panel or lap siding.

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Water Management System

Provides a clean finish at openings, edges of panels or planks and at material transitions.

Benefits: Minimal face produces a clean, pleasing durable "W" Series inside corner for siding panels or lap siding.

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"Critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for their complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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