Retrofit Weep Hole Cover
Item ID: RWHC5

(RWHC Series) Most common method for roaches, rodents, snakes, spiders, scorpions and lizards etc. to enter the home is through weep holes (Mice need 1/4" opening).


1. Helps maintain good indoor air quality objectives accepted by US EPA / Green Building Programs while allowing weep holes to drain/vent. May be easily removed if cleaning is necessary to remove debris, or to replace. We recommend cleaning debris buildup and checking weep hole cover condition every 1-2 years.

2. Naturally helps to pest proof a home/building without pesticides. Physical barrier very effectively denies access by pests.

3. Clear caulk may be used on sides and at top and bottom of installed part to really set in place.

4. Thin design means air/water travel easier from the wall cavity out.

5. Keep weep holes same height for best aesthetics when drilling to clean out.

"Critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for their complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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