Coil Straps
Item ID: CS150, CS200, CS250

(CS Series) Coiled strapping consists of continuous coils which are designed to be cut to length on the job as required. No need to order 10", 18" or 24" straps, etc. Staggered hole pattern reduces wood splitting. Used to secure or wrap existing buildings for seismic upgrade, to tie water heaters to floors and walls and for utility purposes such as hanging pipes from rafters, studs or joists, boxed for easier usage and storage.

MATERIAL: 20 ga., 18 ga. and 16 ga. galvanized steel
CODES: FL Approval #8283, ICC ESR-1347
NOTE: Design loads are based on the assumption that one half of the specified number of nails are installed in each of the two members connected.

"Critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for their complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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