Strap Tie Holdowns

The ASTHD holdowns embed into concrete foundations and nail to shear panel perimeter members to resist uplift load caused by earthquake and hurricane forces on a structure. They are an economical, high load connector preferred by contractors. The nail pattern facilitates nailing to the edges of double 2x members.

MATERIAL: 12 ga. galvanized steel Available in G-185 Triple Zinc or Hot-Dip Galvanized. Call for availability.
BEST PRACTICE INSTALLATION: INSTALLATION All specified fasteners must be used. Fill holes starting from bottom of the strap up. Strap may be bent on full cycle from vertical to horizontal (90°) and back to vertical during installation. Bending strap may cause spalling or breaking away of the concrete at the bent location. For ASTHD10 and ASTHD14 full loads may be applied if spall is less than 4". When nailing holdown to two wood members designer must specify required fasteners to join wood members together to act as one unit. Additional stud members may be required by the designer for required wall sheathing nailing.

"Critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for their complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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