Aluminum Gable Louvers
Item ID: ASA1218, ASA1424, ASA1824

Installed in the gable end of the attic. The higher they are placed, the more effective they become as exhaust vents. Wall louvers are not preferred for ventilating an attic, because they provide limited airflow under the roof deck, resulting in "hot spots." Can be used where ridge vents are impractical, or where the homeowner doesn't want roof vents.

ASA121815 x 2112 x 1890
ASA142417 x 2714 x 24146
ASA182421 x 2718 x 24190

MATERIAL: 3105-type aluminum sheet with a minimum tensile strength of 29,000 psi, or equivalent, as referenced in AAMA 1482-86 (paragraph 3.2.3). The metal shall be treated on both sides with a non-chromate chemical conversion coating to ensure excellent paint adhesion and resistance to corrosion.
APPLICATION CONSIDERATIONS: Direct contact of aluminum product(s) with certain dissimilar materials or contact with the water run-off from such materials is likely to result in corrosion, which is not covered by the product warranty. Therefore, care should be exercised to avoid contact of aluminum with any corrosive materials during installation including, but not limited to: pretreated lumber, concrete, masonry cement, stucco, salt, corrosive chemicals, dissimilar metals (copper, zinc, steel, ect.).

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