Double Shear Joist Hangers
Item ID: AHUS26, AHUS28, AHUS210, AHUS46, AHUS48, AHUS410, AHUS412, AHUS26-2, AHUS28-2, AHUS210-2, AHUS212-2, AHHUS26-2, AHHUS28-2, AHHUS210-2, , AHHUS46, AHHUS48, AHHUS410, AHGUS46, AHGUS48, AHGUS410, AHGUS412, AHGUS414, AHGUS5.5/10, AHGUS5.5/12, AHGUS5.5/14, AHGUS7.25/10, AHGUS7.25/12, AHGUS7.25/14

(AHUS & AHHUS Series) The hangers in this series have the double shear slanted joist nailing feature which provides higher uplift and down loads than conventional straight joist nailing hangers. All nails for the header and joist are the same for each hanger making installation faster and simpler.

MATERIAL: AHUS & AHHUS 14ga. galvanized steel, AHGUS 11ga. galvanized steel. AHUS26, AHUS28 & AHUS210 16ga. galvanized steel. Available in G-185 Triple Zinc or Hot-Dip Galvanized. Call for availability.
NOTE: Allowable loads are for hangers nailed into wood or structural composite lumber having an effective specific gravity of 0.55 (such as Southern Pine) or greater. Allowable uplift loads have been adjusted by a load duration factor C , of 1.6 (160%), D corresponding to the typical duration of wind and earthquake loads. Allowable gravity (bearing) loads have been adjusted by load duration factors, C , OF 1.0 D (100%), 1.15 (115%), and 1.25 (125%), corresponding to the typical durations of occupancy live loads, snow loads and construction loads, respectively. Tabulated loads are without 33% steel stress increase.

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Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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