Utility Moisture Flash
Item ID: UMF

Utility Moisture Flash is a heavy duty, flexible, tear resistant, woven polypropylene nail on flashing designed to prevent moisture and water from entering the wall cavity at the base of the wall and when used around windows and doors. Utility Moisture Flash is engineered to provide excellent durability when exposed to high ultraviolet rays and has the ability to withstand high winds. The cross woven design is to be mechanically fastened with staples or capped nails. Easy to integrate with a weather-resistive barrier.

Approved for usage per ASTM E2112-01, Installation of Exterior Windows & Doors
Excellent Moisture Resistance - Up to 140 Hrs at 100%
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Wind & Tear Resistant
UV Resistant Up to 365 days
Fast & Flexible Installation
Resists Cracking
Will not De-laminate or Shrink

ROLL SIZE: 12" Width x 120' Length, 20 rolls per box.

"Critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for their complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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