Mudsill Anchors

Provide for faster, more economical and secure method for anchoring wood framing to masonry or concrete.

MATERIAL: MAS 16ga. galvanized steel, TMAB 18ga. galvanized steel. Available in G-185 Triple Zinc or Hot-Dip Galvanized. Call for availability.
NOTE: TMAB1 - For installation into concrete slab or poured stemwalls. Features a pre-bent base flange to assure proper anchoring into concrete. When a 2 x 8 mudsill is used for TMAB1 maximum spacing is 3 feet. Loads and installation for TMAB1 assumes nominal 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 mudsill, when used as a direct substitution for 1/2" anchor bolt 6' o.c. MAS - For installation into concrete slabs. MAS features a split flange for nailing to both mudsill and stud for greater framing versatility. Install before pouring the concrete by nailing to the form or after the pour by inserting the MAS into the concrete. There is fast and simple nail attachment - only six code-spaced nails are needed to drive either to the mudsill or directly to the stud.

"Critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for their complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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