Corrosion Resistance

TAMLYN offers the following coatings for products which require extra corrosion resistance. Deterioration will occur more quickly when hangers and straps are exposed to corrosive environments. Products are available in the standard galvanized G90 material. If you require additional protection, please contact TAMLYN for pricing and availability on these processes.

HOT DIP GALVANIZING: Many products are available with a hot dip galvanized coating after fabrication. The actual thickness will vary with the material thickness of the part. This process provides the needed extra protection for adverse weather conditions.

STAINLESS STEEL: The best protection from adverse conditions is found in the use of stainless steel for manufacture. Type 316 stainless steel is used. It is recommended that stainless steel fasteners be used in conjunction with these specially manufactured hardware items.

TRIPLE ZINC (G-185): 1.85 ounces of zinc per square foot of surface area meets the requirements of ASTM A 653. For minimum corrosion protection use Triple Zinc G-185 products.


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