We are up to Code!

Most TAMLYN structural products listed in this catalog have been evaluated or are in the submittal stage for evaluation from one or more of the following code authorities.

With the consolidation of former services (ICBO ES, NES, SBCCI PST & ESI, and BOCAI evaluation services) into ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC ES), the following evaluation reports now have the status of ICC-ES "Legacy Reports". The ICC-ES Web Site provides additional information, and may be accessed at http://www.icc-es.org.

ICC-ES - ICC Evaluation Service Inc. Report No. ESR-1347

ICC-ES - ICC Evaluation Service Inc. Report No. ESR-2556

ICC-ES - ICC Evaluation Service Inc. Report No. ESR-3635

Florida Statewide Product Approvals FL #8283

TDI - Texas Department of Insurance. TDI # FA-6

A note about the ICC: A new building code evaluation company called ICC-ES has been created. On February 1, 2003, the four building product evaluation services officially combined their operations. These four groups that are now ICC-ES were formerly known as NES, BOCAI, ICBO, and SBCCI. The evaluation reports that were issued under these old organizations are now called 'Legacy Reports'. They are still recognized for the old building codes (i.e.: UBC, SBC, BOCA, CABO, etc). Some legacy reports are also approved under the 2000 IBC/IRC. New reports are called ICC-ES reports and replace old legacy reports. These new reports will retain approval for the old building codes as well as approval for the 2003 IBC/IRC


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