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Metal Products

A very diversified mix of frequently needed building products is available from Tamlyn®. We manufacture joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers. Tamlyn® structural products are ICC-listed and Florida Building Code-approved. We also make G-185 triple zinc connectors for use with the new ACQ treated wood products. We offer quality products, competitive prices, and fast service. While we recognize we are in a global economy, we remain committed to making products by choice in the USA, giving customers a quality domestic option.


TAMLYN custom-die designed and manufactured for quick installation and maximum load value.

Benefits: Provide proper balance between load-carrying capacity of hanger and the truss it supports.

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Hurricane/Seismic Resistance

Provide the builder with a complete range of tie straps to meet a variety of application and design load conditions and specifications.

Benefits: liminate expensive, time consuming rafter notching. Provide wind and seismic ties for trusses and rafters.

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Tamlyn® manufactures joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers.

Benefits: Designed to provide positive connections at wall intersections and ridge ties when the top plates are cut.

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Post/Column Caps and Bases

Anchor Base provides higher uplift capacity because of extended sides with extra bolts and nailing schedules.

Benefits: Eliminates toe-nailing of the post or column to a flat surface.

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Concrete Foundation

Provide for faster, more economical and secure method for anchoring wood framing to masonry or concrete.

Benefits: The ASTHD holdowns embed into concrete foundations and nail to shear panel perimeter members to resist uplift load caused by earthquake and hurricane forces on a structure.

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BT (Straight) Series Unique nipped corner increase workplace safety and handling.

Benefits: BTZZ (Zigzag) Series Zigzag Wall Ties are available in both ZZ and Z8 gauge material in the Stackpack™ pioneered by Tamlyn™.

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"It is critical to the success of any design is the detailing and construction of it. We have been impressed with the Tamlyn Products for the complete system approach."

Brian Keith
Architect at JHP Architectural Designs, Dallas, TX


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