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Multifamily Housing Academy

The Multifamily Housing Academy focuses on housing and explores the meaning of “home” in the early stages of the 21st century, specifically in the context of the cost, regulatory, site, and development constraints of a rapidly urbanizing world. Innovative design is critical to addressing the multiple problems and obstacles that inhibit delivery of the massive amounts of new housing now needed across the globe. The academy highlights multiple examples of such innovation across a wide range of housing typologies, and in the process provides practicing architects with a snapshot in time of effective, inspiring projects that can serve as models for successful projects in other venues.


Specifying Extruded Aluminum Trim in Multifamily and Light Commercial Projects

When selecting trim options for exterior cladding, architects and designers now can incorporate modern, attractive aesthetics with durable moisture management solutions. Extruded aluminum trim offers a wide variety of profiles for numerous cladding options, including fiber cement panel siding, fiber cement lap siding, engineered wood sidings, metal panels, and more. This presentation will discuss options in extruded aluminum trim, and the importance of specifying the right products to create a successful moisture management strategy for multifamily and light commercial projects.


First Impressions

Serving as the very first impression to both building entrants and passersby, the building facade not only plays a major architectural and aesthetic role, but it significantly factors into a facility’s energy performance and sustainability.


Delivering Architectural Aesthetics and Sustainability with Extruded Aluminum Trim

Manufactured to work as an integrated/complementary system with the major U.S. manufacturers of cementitious or fiber cement siding and multiple other cladding solutions, extruded aluminum profiles are available in variety of choices. Their design, mostly driven by architects seeking cleaner details, adds a distinctive profile to interiors and exteriors of buildings. In addition, it breaks up the monotony of flat panel walls where the same siding products are used repeatedly. Installing aluminum trim rather than using wood trim or cutting and ripping fiber cement boards or panels is more convenient and saves time.


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